Plywood Put Down
Plumbing Pipes Bending Due to Wall Movement
Signs of Hydrostatic Ground Pressure
Wall Moved In (Bowing)
Cracks - Typical Signs Of Foundation Problem
Push Walls Back Straight
Supported - Cosmetic Cracks Repaired Also
Waterproofed - Tile Installed - Styrofoam Installed
Landscape Felt - Black Dirt Installed - New Window Wells Installed
Felt Before Landscape Gravel
Landscape Stone Put Back
Pavers Put Back
Shrubs Put Back
Clean Up
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What we do:

ABC Waterproofing, Inc. has decades of experience in identifying and solving foundation and basement issues. We offer a full range of foundation and basement repair options. After performing a site visit to evaluate and discover the nature of the problem, we will determine the most effective and appropriate repair solution and best method to address the cause, and an estimate will be developed based on this information.

The typical foundation repair solution will require the excavation of the soil around the foundation, and then the use of piling and jacks to raise and support any portion of the foundation that has settled. After the foundation has been brought into alignment, proper backfilling will be performed; cracks, holes, and seams will be sealed; proper drainage and site grading will be made; and the site will be restored to an undisturbed condition.

Waterproofing Services

• Waterproofing of leaking basements
• Foundation repairs
• Concrete work
• Egress installation
• Wall replacement
• Wall straightening
• Stabilize walls
• Drain tile work
• Sump pump installationextensions
• Retrofits for Foundation failures
• Wall Tie Backs
• New Construction
• Bridges and Boardwalks
• Boardwalks
• Pedestrian Bridges
• Tower/Guy Anchors
• Light Poles
• Sign Supports
• Pipelines
• Beach Front Properties
• Bulkheads