Plywood Put Down
Plumbing Pipes Bending Due to Wall Movement
Signs of Hydrostatic Ground Pressure
Wall Moved In (Bowing)
Cracks - Typical Signs Of Foundation Problem
Push Walls Back Straight
Supported - Cosmetic Cracks Repaired Also
Waterproofed - Tile Installed - Styrofoam Installed
Landscape Felt - Black Dirt Installed - New Window Wells Installed
Felt Before Landscape Gravel
Landscape Stone Put Back
Pavers Put Back
Shrubs Put Back
Clean Up
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ABC Waterproofing, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Steve Andersen (President/Owner). With over 45 years of experience in waterproofing, we have the skill and knowledge to identify and solve foundation problems. This type of work is our forte. Our philosophy is based on honesty, quality, reputation and a handshake. This has led us to become one of Northeast Wisconsin's best known foundation repair companies.

Over the years we have witnessed an increase in the number of foundations being built on unstable soil conditions, which has resulted in foundations sinking, shifting and failing. We knew we needed to pursue a solution to these problems. After several years of extensive research, we found Ram Jack Foundation Repair Systems. So in 2004, ABC Waterproofing, Inc. became an exclusive dealer for Ram Jack. We have a thorough understanding of these systems and the products that they have to offer, and are the only ones able to use them to achieve the best results and solutions for our customers.

At ABC Waterproofing, Inc., we approach every job as if we were performing the work for our own property. We do the job the way we would want it done for ourselves. When the job is completed, our goal is to leave the work site looking like nobody was there!

Don't just trust any waterproofer. Trust ABC Waterproofing! Please contact us today for a free estimate.

Thank you,

Steve Andersen

"Basements are like a boat, you don't waterproof a leaky boat from the inside, you have to fix it from the outside."

Is your plaster cracking on your walls?

Why Choose Us?

Do You have Foundation Problems?

Is your siding buckling?

Are your frames around doors and windows separating? 

Is your house making noises? 

Do you see cracking mortar on the brick outside?

The experienced professionals at ABC WATERPROOFING are here to help.

These are all signs that your foundation may have shifted.